three little words

grandpa’s hands

Yesterday was my grandma and grandpa’s  25th wedding anniversary.  They are “second time around” lovers.  They were both widowed and met later in life.  They are so in love.  There was a moment this week that my grandmother was awake and she told my grandfather that she loved him.  He wept.  Not like men today weep…. in secret or as if they have something in their eye…. but a deep cry that touched everyone in the room.  He told her that he missed his girl.  He told her how much he loved her.

I stood there watching this man cry.  This was a man who was a Marine.  He fought in World War II were he received many medals, including a purple heart.  And now he weeps over his wife’s three simple words.  I want to feel love this deeply.  I want to love this deeply.

Happy Anniversary Grandpa and Grandma.  You couldn’t celebrate this week, but I know that we will be soon.  Love you both so much.


  1. damiec · February 23, 2012

    this is so beautiful – picture and words.
    how lucky you and your girls are to have these remarkable role models in your lives. thinking of you & hoping to hear really good news on your grandma soon. xo

  2. Shawna Lemay · February 23, 2012

    such an amazing story. you told it perfectly.

  3. Megan · February 24, 2012

    I sit here with tears in my eyes. This is the most precious story. But I especially love how you have told it. I can just see him weeping, so worried about “his girl”. Beautiful, Staci. Love this legacy of love that you and the girls have!

  4. Lisa Arcangel · February 24, 2012

    …a precious moment captured…told…heard…remembered.

  5. a view from a brown dog · February 29, 2012

    What a treasured moment you've captured here. Your photo and words are simply beautiful and brought a tear to my eye.

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