collaboration of love

Over at Mortal Muses, they are having a month of collaborations.  Megan and I decided to do a few shots together in February.  Our first word prompt was love.

As I was thinking of what represents love to me, I thought of my Japanese Magnolia tree.  It blooms in the middle of winter.  Every year, my trees remind me to hope and love in the middle of a spiritual and emotional winter.  To me that is love.  I think it is easy to love people when they are fun and happy, but it takes a real friend to love you through the dark and difficult days.

Earlier this week, Megan sent me her photo.  Isn’t it perfect?  Doesn’t it say love?  Her smile in the blur warms my heart and makes me feel so known.  And I am going to let you in on a secret.  See that scarf?  I have one like it, but in different colors.  We wear them and think of each other.  It warms us on cold days.

To be honest, at first I felt like my shot just didn’t say love as well as hers did.  After all, I needed a whole paragraph to explain mine.  You just look at her’s and it screams love!  Then, as I was putting them in a diptych, they seemed to just flow.  Somehow, they spoke to me in a new and beautiful way.  

I realized that one of things that makes a collaboration beautiful is the differences..  It is Megan and I working together.  We both bring something to the table and we make something great with it.   And this is what makes friendship so wonderful as well.  While Megan and I have many things in common, we also have differences. There are places where I am weak and she is strong and visa versa. We can learn from each other and lean on each other.  We can help each other and encourage each other.  I never really thought about it, but I suppose we have been collaborating for years.


  1. a view from a brown dog · February 13, 2013

    I completely agree, in relationships we give and take. Pull strength and give kindness, we hang with people who compliments us and us them.

    This is such a fantastic dippy Staci. Friendship like this is such a blessing.

  2. Sam · February 13, 2013

    i do believe they were made for eachother. xx

Thank you for your kind words.

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