big moments in the little moments

Andy and I shot our first wedding yesterday.  It was an beautiful day and it was a tiring day.  I don’t remember what I paid my wedding photographer, but whatever I paid him, it wasn’t enough.  And to think he did the whole thing on film!
There were small moments yesterday that were really huge moments for me.  Working with Andy all day really did show me once again what a great team we are.  I love that we can communicate with just a look.  Watching the bride go from nervous to excited to amazed to head over heals in love was an honor.  Seeing friends and family celebrate the bride and groom with love and joy was invigorating.
But this moment… with this little girl… in this light…. it was the moment my heart whispered, “Staci, you are a photographer.”
I know I have so much to learn and I am excited to do the work to better myself and my photography.
But even with that long list of things to master, something clicked inside my head yesterday. Something changed.  Photography went from something I love to something that is deeply a piece of me.
Today I am thankful for light and all I have to learn about it.  And of course, this little girl.


Staci Lee

I like my cameras old, my shoes comfortable, and my whiskey neat.

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