life is hard

Does anyone else feel like the world has forgotten about each other? I suppose that inner lonely child can do that to people- she is so lonely and the thought of rejection one more time scares her so much that she pushes the whole world away.  Maybe, she even goes so far as to hate […]

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my journey

I have started going to school in hopes of someday becoming a spiritual director.  I am loving everything I am learning, and I especially love all the reading.  Here are a few of my favorite quotes that I have come across in my reading.  The photos are from the road trip to my school. Life […]

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for a friend

I have a dear friend who had to watch as her mother journeyed from this world to a world her soul calls home.  I was not there, but I know this friend well and know with full confidence that she held each feeling, each thought, each moment with the grace and love they deserved.  She […]

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begging for peace

Sickness. Disappointment. Heartache. Frustration. My week has been full of all of it and more.  I go to a few places when my heart feels heavy.  I go to the Spirit my soul calls Friend and Comforter.  I go to the mystics that have gone before me.  I go to my camera that always helps […]

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In one of my favorite movies, there is a quote that makes my heart swell. “I think I’d miss you even if we had never met.” Now, I realize the cheesiness of this line, especially because it is coming from the male escort who is speaking to the woman that paid him for the weekend. […]

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practicing my practice

  I have had a month full of rest and joy. Looking for things that make me happy has been an encouraging exercise  for my soul.  I have found these two quotes from Thomas Merton to be inspiring. If we are to love one another truly our love will be graced with a clear-sighted prudence […]

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