looking back

For the last 12 on 12 of the year, I am sharing my 12 favorite images from 2018.  Some are because of the moment, some are because of the film, and some are because I simply like them.  I only have one digital image this year that made the top 12.  I can’t decide if […]

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the Rolleicord V

I am enjoying getting to know my new Rolleicord V. I love how light it is and that it comes equipped with its own little case.  I have noticed that is exceptional at capturing light and will be metering more on the underexposed side. I took it out to the Huntington Library and Gardens and […]

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12ish on 12: March

April is very full of very good things. On the first week of April, I received my certificate in Spiritual Direction. On the second week of April, we are having a bridal shower for my oldest daughter, here at our home. On the third week of April, my oldest daughter is getting married. On the fourth week […]

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12 on 12: February

My family had a rough start to the year.  My husband’s beloved mother died.  While the family was together and we all were able to say our goodbyes, it was hard and painful and made us all pull in closer and hold onto each other. One way our family deals with hardships is long family […]

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