Blueberry Bourbon Lemonade

This is a perfect summer drink.  It is cool and refreshing and packs a punch! You will need ice, blueberries, mint, bourbon, and lemonade. Fill your glass 2/3 full of ice.  Top with 1/3 cup of blueberries and generous sprigs of mint.   Pour 1.5 oz (or one shot glass) of bourbon on top of […]

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super easy sweet potato fries

 We made these twice yesterday.  Twice.  I made a little batch for lunch for myself and after stealing a few,  my family asked if we could have them for dinner.  They really were good and super easy.   You will need: 5 sweet potatoes  1/3 cup coconut oil (melted) thyme and salt to taste Slice […]

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Joy’s Super Easy Chili

Joy, my bonus mom, makes the best darn chili.  About twenty years ago, she gave the recipe to me and now among my friends, it is my chili.  It is so super easy, I wondered if I should even post it here. But after a very scientific facebook poll, I thought otherwise.    So, here […]

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Cristin’s Birthday Cake

My girlfriends and I celebrated Cristin’s birthday in July. We had so much fun planning each part of the day. We all wanted her to feel special and loved. The one thing that was a little terrifying to take on was the cake. You see, my friend Cristin isn’t a normal baker. She is one […]

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I almost didn’t post my chili recipe because it is so simple to make.  However, I did get a large response about how easy it was… so I thought I would give you another simple and very cheap recipe.  This is my jambalaya recipe.  I am sure it isn’t close to anything made in New […]

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drunk butternut squash soup

I love soup. Soup is forgiving and easy to leave or add an ingredient, depending on what you have in the fridge.   In fact,  I am a little afraid of this blog becoming a soup blog.  Don’t worry, I will try hard not to let that happen.  That isn’t true, I am just going […]

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