love dare

“Our world has known too much of fear, defensiveness, and mistrust, I think we could use a healthy dose of unmitigated, mistake-making loving.”  ~Gerald G. May It is so easy to fear. It takes zero effort. Not only is it easy to slip into being afraid; it  easy to slip into being afraid of everything. […]

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holding what I need

This year my friend Megan and I started a weekly blog titled An Ordinary Grace.   We are documenting as we search for love between the bullshit and the divine.  And while life can bring a lot of bullshit, it is also filled with the divine.  I am noting that I seem to be capturing hands […]

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10 on 10: August

It is my birthday this week. My husband gave me an amazing gift: a new Canon 5Diii with a 35mm 1.4Lii.  I have always wanted a 35mm lens and I cried when I opened it. I had some fun with it right away, and now I really want to get to know them both better. […]

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there may have been tequila

My darling husband gave me a new Canon 5Diii and a 35mm 1.4Lii for my birthday.  Like every good photographer, I read the manual, charged the battery, and carefully thought of my very first shot. No, I am kidding.  I did not do that. I am away on vacation with my family.  We are enjoying […]

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5 on 5: July

I have had some film hiccups lately. I was bemoaning about it over on Viewfinders  yesterday. This is why I love this project of looking back at my month.  Even when I have had a rough month with film or photography, I have the opportunity to look back and find the good.   I am also […]

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10 on 10: June

I had some time with my middle daughter, Dani, in June.  We had breakfast and went thrifting. I always love time with my daughters, especially when I have them all to myself.   I’m doing this project with some great photographers. Click on through to Jennifer’s beautiful blog then, continue on through the blog roll. 

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5 on 5: June

This month was full of joyful and wonderful things and I am thankful for every moment. I had some adventures with my man. I had some quiet time to think and pause. I had some time with my college student. I had some vacation time. I graduated my youngest child. It is a miracle this […]

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