12 on 12: family time

My family recently traveled to Northern California for my cousin’s wedding.  It was nice to have a quick, mini vacation with the family. I packed a few cameras for the trip, but the only camera that made it out of my bag was my Polaroid One Step.  It is so simple to use and I […]

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my tree on slide film

I love the Japanese Maple tree.  I have done post after post about this beautiful tree. This season I shot a roll of slide film of just my tree in bloom.  The slide film, Fuji Velvia 100, did exactly what I hoped it would: it brought out all the beautiful pinks and purples. Here are […]

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a fearful thing

My loving, kind, hilarious, and talented brother took his own life this week.  Why and fuck are two words I continue to say at least once an hour.  The tears flow as I think of his beloved wife and the days, weeks, and years ahead of her. My heart breaks as I think of my […]

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This month, the ladies and I decided to look for yellow.  I was sure I would find some yellow in my own yard. Sometimes it was obvious. Sometimes I had to really look close. Sometimes it was under my feet. Others it was hiding behind some green. But my favorite was when I found it […]

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singing bowl

I can’t seem to get enough of Malcolm Guite these days.   I discovered him because of a sermon I heard him preach. I then listened to many of his teachings and sermons, still not realizing what a gifted poet he was.  While listening to a podcast of him being interviewed, I finally caught on to what […]

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deep breaths

On some days this world seems harsh and unloving.  We have forgotten to listen to others, ourselves, and the Love that holds us all together.  I have been sitting quietly with myself and reading some of the mystic mothers that wrote about our God… and writing prayers of my own.  May you sit with these words […]

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5 on 5: July

I have been in a major photography funk.  I missed last month’s 5 on 5 and am barely making it this month.  The only reason I have picked up my camera is a weekly blog I do with my friend, Meg. To be honest, I have been so deep into the funk, I haven’t even […]

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