lessons learned

Well, I have missed the last three days.  I have been so busy, I haven’t had time to pick up my camera or sit at the computer to blog.  Finding gratitude has still been my heart’s goal each day. I think I have started to notice a link between gratitude and grace.  The more I find what to be thankful for, the more I find grace for myself and my family.

So to catch up, and show off this adorable boy, here are some lessons in gratitude that I have learned this week.

Lesson 1: Sometimes it is the little things, so hold the small peaceful moments.

Lesson 2: Life is messy.  Sit in it with curiosity and find the beauty among the worms. 

Lesson 3: Taking a walk and getting away from it all isn’t a sign of weakness.  Sometimes a new perspective helps you calm down and find the truth.

Lesson 4: Look for the wonderful and amazing and you find the wonderful and amazing. 

*This blog post is sponsored by baby Spartacus.

this journey

I am thankful for this journey I am on.

I am thankful for the things I have learned along the way.

I am thankful for the things that offer themselves today.

I am thankful for the things that are waiting for me tomorrow.

I am also thankful for old photos that I have never posted…. because, sometimes, you need to look into the past to find what you are looking for today.

coffee… strong coffee

Andy brought coffee home from Vietnam.  I only use it for special occasions.

I was out of coffee this morning. That makes this morning a special occasion.

What do the Vietnamese do to their coffee? I have never had such strong coffee in my life.  I was able to clean the house and shower before nine.  That never happens.  Ever.

Today I am thankful for special occasions and Vietnamese coffee.

pure sweetness

Twice a week I get to love this little bundle of sweetness.  When I said yes to having him, it was because I really love his mama and pops.  In a few short weeks, I have fallen in love with him.  He reminds me of the season when my girls were little.  I had forgotten how much I love watching little humans discover the world they live in.  As a mother, I can be hard on myself, and this guy has helped me see some things more clearly.  He has helped me remember that I was a good mama to my babies. 
So even though I had to change his five poopy diapers today….. I am so very thankful for this little monkey.  

5 on 5 october

October flew by so quickly, I had a hard time remembering all that happened.  Looking back, I found some wonderful moments among the busyness.

Some were full of love….
and wonder.
Some were still and quiet. 
Others were gentle and kid…
and simply sweet.  
I am grateful to be a part of this project with some amazing photographers.  Start with Second Spring and see what October held for her, then click on through the blog circle.