Staci Lee Kennelly is a spiritual director and film photographer living in Los Angeles.  Spiritual Direction is the art of Christian conversation and listening carried out in the context of a trusting relationship. A Spiritual Director is a faith or soul companion who listens to your life stories with an ear for discerning the movement of the Holy Spirit in your life. In the preface to his book on spiritual direction, Thomas Merton helps to clarify the proper role of a director:… “the director is not to be regarded as a magical machine for solving cases and declaring the holy will of God beyond all hope of appeal, but a trusted friend who, in an atmosphere of sympathetic understanding, helps and strengthens us in our groping efforts to correspond with the grace of the Holy Spirit, who alone is the true Director in the fullest sense of the word.”  She likes her cameras old, her shoes comfortable and her whiskey neat.  

She has shown her film photography work in galleries in Pasadena, Malibu, and Los Angeles. You can contact her at stacikennelly@yahoo.com.

Projects and Collaborations

The Viewfinders

Fifteen photographers dedicated to recording the world around us.  You can read our manifesto here.

Film Shooters Collective

A group of film photographers from around the globe sharing their love and passion for film photography.

The Hours

A collaboration of 32 photographers from around the world. Each photographer posts one photo a month from one hour of the day starting in January with 7 am.






  • Hi, Staci.

    I’m Marc, one of the writers over at the Lomography Online Magazine. I came across your amazing film work and I was wondering if you would be interested in being featured in our Online Magazine? I’m sure that our community members would love to see your work and read what you have to say about photography.

    If ever you are interested, please feel free to message me anytime using the email address provided. I hope to hear from you soon! Thank you for your time.

    All the best,

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