reflecting light

I was recently given the opportunity to hear Ann Voskamp speak.  Her speaking voice is just as powerful and poetic as her writing voice.  She said many things that moved me that night, but one sentence really stood out to me.  You can’t force out the darkness — you can only reflect the Light — so more […]

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honestly me

I have been thinking, journaling, wondering, asking, and praying about what it means to be authentically myself.  I wonder if I will ever be brave enough to completely know and love myself wholly.  I know if I cannot be honest with myself about who I am and have grace for what I find, I will […]

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my mother’s bowls Love these bowls. They were my mother’s.  I remember sitting on the counter as a little girl and helping her make wonderful things in these bowls. I remember licking these bowls until they were clean.  I can’t believe they are mine now. I get them out when ever I can.  Even if […]

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beautiful music

she plays My middle daughter is hardly without her guitar.  We are a home school family, so this does not interfere with her school work.  Well, that isn’t entirely true.  There are times  I find her lying on her bed just strumming her latest favorite tune.  Or on the living room couch.  Or on the […]

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