brave love

Like many around the world, my soul has been mourning the horrible shooting in Orlando. I am weeping for the families and friends that are grieving the unimaginable loss of their loved ones. I am saddened for my LGBTQ friends who seem to be in a neverending fight to simply be themselves. I am frustrated […]

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10 on 10: January

What is a 10 on 10?  For me, it is ten photographs taken on one day and posted on the tenth.  It really is that simple.   This year I am doing this project with a great group of photographers.  We will posting on the tenth of each month and link our blogs together to […]

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I grew up in a large Italian family. That equals loud and boisterous and a little crazy.  I loved it.  You didn’t have a crazy uncle or a crazy aunt because we are all crazy. Everyone was a little burdensome, but with good pasta and good wine, it was easy to carry. We gathered and […]

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5 on 5: October

Because of a gnarly photography funk, I missed September’s 5 on 5.  The ladies who I am doing this project with are so graceful and kind that they didn’t kick me out.  In fact, they were encouraging and understanding. Because you know what?  Most photographers I know go through a funk now and again.   […]

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belonging to myself

For most of my life, I did not feel like I belonged. When I was small, I was the first of my friends to have their parents divorce. In junior high I was mercilessly picked on and harassed. It caused a great depression and because I did not have the tools to handle the pain, […]

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5 on 5: February

One reason I have loved this project is that it forces me to go back and look at my own work. I have noticed a theme. The months I shoot more, I have more fun looking over the month. I am thankful for this group of ladies and how they have encouraged me to just […]

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Coffee Shop Date, 10 on 10

One way I want to improve my photography this year is to be a better storyteller through my images. I know the only way I can do that is to practice.  Life has taught me that I am horrible at putting deadlines on myself.  I need to be part of a larger whole to keep me accountable. […]

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