Joy’s Super Easy Chili

Joy, my bonus mom, makes the best darn chili.  About twenty years ago, she gave the recipe to me and now among my friends, it is my chili.  It is so super easy, I wondered if I should even post it here. But after a very scientific facebook poll, I thought otherwise.   
So, here we go. 
1-1.5 pounds of ground meat.  (I used turkey today, but you could use beef.  I have made it with out meat and it is still pretty good.)
5 garlic cloves 
1 large yellow onion (I usually use any onion I have in the fridge.)
1 teaspoon smoked paprika 
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper (more or less depending how spicy you like it.)
1/2 teaspoon chili powder
2  15.5 oz cans of diced tomatoes
2 15.5 oz cans chili beans
1 15.5 oz can black beans
1 15.5 oz can pinto beans
1 15.5 oz can garbanzo beans
1 15.5 oz can kidney beans 
Most of the players.  I left out the meat.  I just couldn’t find his good side. 

Chop the onion and crush the garlic.  Put the garlic, onion, meat and seasonings in the pot.  Put the lid on the pot.  Let it cook on a medium heat. You will need to stir every so often to get the meat properly cooked.  Just remember to put the lid back on.  All that onion, garlic, and seasonings will really blend together nicely. 
Meat, onions, garlic and seasonings. 
While you are cooking up the meat and onions, you can now begin the most difficult part of this recipe… opening all the cans.  Open all the cans and do NOT drain the juices.  Every thing, even the juices are going to go into the pot.  When your meat is all cooked, go ahead and add all the cans.  Give everything a big stir.  Now let simmer. 

 Everything added and simmering. 
Ok… that is it.  This chili tastes best if you let it simmer for a few hours.  However, there have been times when I only let it simmer for an hour.  Read- I forgot to make dinner and I had all the cans of beans and an onion. 
I have learned that as long as you have four types of beans, you are good.  So if you don’t like garbanzo beans, don’t use them.  If you like something else, use that instead.  Also, this makes a huge amount of chili.  With this batch I am going to feed my family of five and two guests.  It does freeze really well. You can make a batch and freeze half of it.  


  1. Deirdre Malfatto · October 2, 2012

    Looks yummy, Staci! Your comment about meat's good side made me laugh.

  2. Staci Kennelly · October 2, 2012

    Thanks, friend!

  3. Alli · October 2, 2012

    We call it Auntie Staci's chili, made with pure love, that is why it is the only chili my kids will eat!

  4. 2lives2mamas · October 3, 2012

    Awesome cozy day recipe. I wrote it in my journal, plus after a while I can eat beans again and this is a perfect meal for my new way of eating. Which will be mostly sugar free.

  5. Megan · October 3, 2012

    Oh it's my kids' favorite chili too! I have a hankering for it but it's too damn hot still for chili! 😉

  6. Staci Kennelly · October 3, 2012

    I love them! xo

  7. Staci Kennelly · October 3, 2012

    so glad it will work for you!

  8. Staci Kennelly · October 3, 2012

    It is so hot! Sure do love your man cubs!

  9. erin · October 3, 2012

    this is similar to my chile … i also use a mix of beans, whatever i have or what looks good. the smoked paprika isn't something i've come across. i'm going to look for that one. thanks for the inspiration to get a pot of this bubbling soon!

  10. Andy Kennelly · October 4, 2012

    The fireplace, football and Joy's chill…does life get any better? Well, maybe add a Negra Madelo!

  11. Shawna Lemay · October 5, 2012

    it looks so good! i'm going to try it soon! thanks for sharing, Staci!

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