the hours

I had the honor of doing the project, The Hours, again this year.  It was a collective project in which a group of photographers, who met on Flickr, each posted a single image every month, taken during a particular hour of the day. We started in January  with 7am and then moved through the day […]

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5 on 5: July

I added a new film camera, a Canon AE-1,  to my collection in July.   I have forgotten how often I have shot with it already.  It is a great little camera.  Light and easy to take with me.  Here are my favorite five from July. Anytime I capture this handsome man it becomes a […]

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10 on 10: July

I bought a new film camera.  I know, I know… I need a new camera like I need a hole in the head. I bought a Canon AE-1 with a 50mm lens.  I wanted a small film camera that would be easier to carry around town.  I got my first test roll back and I […]

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Ilford XP2

I shot a roll of Ilford XP2 for a blog post over at the Viewfinders.  I am in love with this film! I plan on shooting much more of it.  I don’t shoot black and white very often. The film shop I take my film to be developed takes 24 hours for color and a […]

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10 on 10: April

For our 21st anniversary, my husband and I went to La Jolla, CA for the weekend. It was lovely to get away to such a beautiful city and do nothing.  Well, except shoot film. Both my husband and I love to shoot film and took seven different cameras between us! One camera I love on […]

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5 on 5: February

One reason I have loved this project is that it forces me to go back and look at my own work. I have noticed a theme. The months I shoot more, I have more fun looking over the month. I am thankful for this group of ladies and how they have encouraged me to just […]

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Coffee Shop Date, 10 on 10

One way I want to improve my photography this year is to be a better storyteller through my images. I know the only way I can do that is to practice.  Life has taught me that I am horrible at putting deadlines on myself.  I need to be part of a larger whole to keep me accountable. […]

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