5 on 5: september

I have missed the last few months of our 5 on 5 blogroll.  I was in a bit of a funk due to some scanning issues I was having.  Thankfully, my sweet husband bought me a new scanner for my birthday.  It not only got me scanning some very old rolls, but it got me getting out my digital more as well. Who knew a funk and funk you up so much?


Here are five of my favorites from September.

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5 on 5: July

I have been in a major photography funk.  I missed last month’s 5 on 5 and am barely making it this month.  The only reason I have picked up my camera is a weekly blog I do with my friend, Meg.

To be honest, I have been so deep into the funk, I haven’t even paused to ask why.

Then, I opened one of my birthday presents last night; it was a new scanner.  And I remembered.  I still haven’t scanned all the rolls from our trip to Iceland in February because our scanner has been broken.  Not being able to scan film made me not pick up my film cameras and not picking up my film cameras has put me in a major funk.  It is a whole “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” situation.

I am so thankful I have a friend in my husband that sees me sometimes better and more clearly than I see myself.

This weekend I will be scanning film. I am so excited to re-live my Iceland trip and be reminded why I love photography so much.

For now, my images from An Ordinary Grace will have to do.  They have, after all, reminded me each week that I see with a camera and must take at least one photo a week.

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5 on 5: May

Life has been full.  It has been full of good things, but it the business of it all can still be overwhelming at times. We have had so many BIG life moments in my home, it has had my head spinning a bit.  I haven’t picked up my camera much lately, but I do have five favorites from the last month.

My husband and I drove up to San Jose for the last time.  I finished my first year of school for Spiritual Direction.  We took the long way home and admired the super bloom.  The yellow was disarming! We have stayed in the same little town each time we have gone up.  Most homes have fruit and vegetable gardens and backyard chickens! It really is wonderful up there. I will miss it this summer.  

Our oldest daughter, Kyle, graduated from college.  She has worked so hard these last years. She has already found a job at our local elementary school as a SPED teacher.  She has loved working there and is made to help others see their full potential.

My husband and youngest daughter celebrated another birthday together.  Andy’s mom had always made a carrot cake for him for his birthday.  Because she is now in hospice, he took it on to make it this year with Sam. Watching the tradition move from one generation to the next was beautiful and heartbreaking all at once.

I am slowly getting used to this new stage in life.  It has held many emotions, but I am starting to find a routine and settling into it.  I wrote a little about it this week.

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5 on 5: March

I am totally breaking my own rules for this month’s 5 on 5.  I usually post my favorites from the previous month, but these photos were taken in April.  On April 2nd, my daughter became engaged.  It was a big day for all of us.  We love her beau so much and are so excited to be family.

Each year we have taken their pictures to document their relationship. It has been sweet to watch the two of them grow up and mature.  This year, he asked if we could incorporate a proposal into the photo shoot.  Andy and I were ecstatic to be not only included, but that we were going to be documenting such a big moment in our daughter’s life.



I keep thinking over and over again, “My baby is going to be a bride.”  It is a beautiful, scary, exciting time.  I can remember the moment I held her for the first time.  I had very similar emotions.  I knew I didn’t know what was to come, but I knew my life was never going to be the same.


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5 on 5: February

I have just returned from an epic trip to Iceland.  Real life has me running and I haven’t been able to scan my film or get the images off my camera yet.  I do, however, have some iPhone images from the trip that hold some of my favorite memories from the trip.







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5 on 5: january

I can’t believe we have sailed through January so quickly. I hope this isn’t a sign for how quickly 2017 plans on going. One thing I noticed about my favorite five images this month is that they are all film images. I hope that means there will be more film in 2017.

When I have the opportunity to take a few pictures of my babies, they are always my favorite.


Minolta X700



Minolta X700


Minolta X700

Having some time alone is also a favorite activity.


Mamiya 645

And love, well it will always be my favorite.


Mamiya 645


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5 on 5: december

And just like that, 2016 is gone.  For me, it was a long and difficult year that was plagued with sickness and injury and loss.

I spent much of December grieving the year so that I could enter the new year in freedom and hope.  While I loved these five images in color, I felt black and white was more fitting to how my December felt.






As the new year begins, I look forward with expectation and hope to what will be. I am not so ignorant to believe the past does not shape our future, so I also look back to see what consistencies have been there for me. There are many sure things my past has held- my faith, family, and friends… and this beautiful blog roll.  We celebrate our fifth year together this year.  It makes my heart happy to have looked back each month with such lovely and talented ladies.  Start with the brilliant Vanessa and then click on through to the rest of the ladies.  You will not be disappointed.