waste not

While out shooting with some friends, we fell into Nick Metropolis “The King of Collectable”.  Nick has been buying, selling, and renting collectable furniture for over 20 years.  While I was there, I got to meet him. He is a very kind man and full of personality.  His motto is, “Love is all there is.”

As soon as I saw the colors, I knew I had load a roll of Fuji Reala.  I only have a few more rolls of the film, so I keep saving it for moments like this one.   I hope you enjoy my little walk through Nick Metropolis’ shop.

Nick's-3Nick's Nick's-2 Nick's-4Nick's-11 Nick's-8 Nick's-5Nick's-10 Nick's-6 Nick's-7 Nick's-9


There were so many treasures to find.  It felt more like a museum than a store.  I am looking forward to going again.

The LOVE sign might be my favorite from this roll.  I would love to hear which one stands out to you.


  • The Fuji Reala really made the colors pop. I don’t remember seeing the bowling pins but they are so cool. I love your Hassy selfies.

  • holy moly, I love them all. I love your eye! But I think my favorite is the luggage because it really shows what the Reala can do. Love all of them though. Those red letters really pop!

  • A carnival for the eyes indeed! Love each one of these images and wow, would love to find a shop like that around here!

  • i love them all, but i think my favorite is the person peeking over the hollywood sign. 🙂

  • Such great stuff. I really, really, really, can’t say really enough LOVE how your images are film, that you are dedicated to your art, that you are constantly pushing yourself to learn more. I see your images with your words and you inspire. Yet I still just stick to my digital world. I’m so very lazy when it comes to getting it developed and even finishing a roll. This shows me it’s important to you, it’s your medium and you just keep getting better and better. We make time for what fills us. You make time and its so worth it when we get to see the fruits of your labor.

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