accepting the unacceptable

Some things in life are easy to accept; spilled milk, a burned dish, or getting the wrong order at your favorite coffee shop. Others are more difficult to accept; a broken bone, harsh words that hurt, canceled plans with a friend. Then, there are times when life gives you the unacceptable; the sudden death of […]

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life is hard

Does anyone else feel like the world has forgotten about each other? I suppose that inner lonely child can do that to people- she is so lonely and the thought of rejection one more time scares her so much that she pushes the whole world away.  Maybe, she even goes so far as to hate […]

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for a friend

I have a dear friend who had to watch as her mother journeyed from this world to a world her soul calls home.  I was not there, but I know this friend well and know with full confidence that she held each feeling, each thought, each moment with the grace and love they deserved.  She […]

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the painful roll

    While away on my 20th anniversary road trip, we traveled the Historic Route 30.  It was green and lush. We couldn’t take enough pictures.  With each snap of my Hasselblad’s shutter, I would think to myself, “This will be my favorite roll.”   I believed it to be true… until pulled the film cassette […]

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the ugly side of grace

Grace is a miracle.  Poems have been written about its beauty.  Songs have been sung declaring its praise. Stories have been told explaining its power.  And in each of these, there is first something horribly wrong and ugly that is in need of grace’s gentle touch. Just over eight years ago, I had the worst […]

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