deep breaths

On some days this world seems harsh and unloving.  We have forgotten to listen to others, ourselves, and the Love that holds us all together.  I have been sitting quietly with myself and reading some of the mystic mothers that wrote about our God… and writing prayers of my own.  May you sit with these words […]

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tree of hope

My tree is blooming and is covered in pink and white.  I am not sure I have seen her so full. She must be loving all this rain. I am reminded each year, as she blooms in the middle of winter, that when life is at its darkest the most growth can be done.  Hope […]

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brave love

Like many around the world, my soul has been mourning the horrible shooting in Orlando. I am weeping for the families and friends that are grieving the unimaginable loss of their loved ones. I am saddened for my LGBTQ friends who seem to be in a neverending fight to simply be themselves. I am frustrated […]

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Stuck on Saturday

This is one of my favorite times of the year. Spring has sprung. The sun starts warming up the earth and my heart. Dinner can be served on the patio. The BBQ gets fired up more often. A cold beer means something. Easter, one of my favorite holidays, is celebrated in my home. There have […]

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I grew up in a large Italian family. That equals loud and boisterous and a little crazy.  I loved it.  You didn’t have a crazy uncle or a crazy aunt because we are all crazy. Everyone was a little burdensome, but with good pasta and good wine, it was easy to carry. We gathered and […]

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traveling in the dark

A dear friend shared this beautiful poem by Jan Richardson.  I feel like I am surrounded by friends that are traveling in the dark.  It is a season of life none of us escape.  May it bless you as it blessed me. A Blessing for Traveling in the Dark Go slow if you can. Slower. […]

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the audacity of hope

I am thankful for friends that lend a helping hand.   I am thankful for friends that take you out for a good time after a rough week.   I am thankful for fall leaves that seem to hold more color than spring.   I am thankful for the audacity to live each day with […]

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