For the last 15 years I have asked my God for a word, one word that would help me hold the year to come.  A theme. A mantra.  A dream.  Throughout the years, they have been wonderful and hope-filled words.  Joy, peace, more, fearless, and last year’s become.  For the first time I was given a word I that scares me- perseverance.  What?  I did try to bargain with Him and asked for another word. He said I could change it to persevere instead.  Oh, how I love Him.

My word has already come into play.  My adorable husband bought me a Polaroid SX-70 for Christmas.  I have wanted one for some time.  My camera collection has gotten a little out of hand so I stopped dreaming I’d own one.  I was so excited when I opened it Christmas Eve that I cried.  The next morning, I pulled it out and tried to shoot with it.



They were all overexposed, some so overexposed they were blank.  I adjusted the exposure dial. I shielded the image from the light.



Still, they were blown out. I bought a frog tongue. I struggled to get it on at first, but have finally mastered attaching it. I tried keeping the image warm while developing. While they are a little better, the exposure is still off.



While the black and white Polaroids only take 15-20 minutes to develop, the color images can take up to an hour or so.  They need to sit in the dark until they are developed. I have had to wait and hope until I could flip the photo over and see if my adjustment worked. Every time I  flipped the Polaroid over and saw it was overexposed,   I have said the same little word. I let you guess what it is.

I am still working on it.  I have ordered the ND filter and am waiting for it now.  That should help with the exposure problem.  While I wait, I read blogs and books about the testy little camera and the film so appropriately named Impossible film.  The learning curve is a little steep.   I do not like steep learning curves. I can be very impatient with myself. So impatient that I will give up before I even try.  Not this year.  I want to master my SX-70.  And I will master it, but it will take some moxie… some determination… some tenacity… some cussing… and some persef*ckingverance.







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