10 on 10: July

I bought a new film camera.  I know, I know… I need a new camera like I need a hole in the head. I bought a Canon AE-1 with a 50mm lens.  I wanted a small film camera that would be easier to carry around town.  I got my first test roll back and I am pleasantly surprised.  When shooting with a new film camera I always have a learning curve when it come to exposure.  Learning to see through the eyes of a new light meter can be a challenge.

lewisedit copy


reaching out-3



As most of my friends know, I name all my film cameras.  I have decided on Lewis.  My husband also got a Canon AE-1 and we named him BIlly-Ray.  Trading Places is one of our favorite movies.  We quote it often.





reaching out

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Staci Lee

I like my cameras old, my shoes comfortable, and my whiskey neat.


    • I didn’t even notice I didn’t say what camera. Thank you for pointing that out. I changed it. I bought a Canon AE-1. It is a great little camera. Thank you!

  • Hello Lewis! You both make a great duo…gorgeous summer greens, beautiful light and bokeh! I see a great future for the two of you.

  • Love the forest of greens with little speckles of light dancing across them. One always needs a new camera- do not apologize!

  • These are gorgeous Staci! There is just something magical about film. I would love to learn how to shoot film one day!

  • Totally miss my AE-1 bought new (I remember the shiny grey box!) from Olden in NYC in about 1980 I think. It replaced the workhorse Argus Cosina – my first camera (oh that 55mm f1.4 glass!). But the AE-1 was quite a bit lighter on the shoulder, which was a pleasure on a long day.
    But I sold it to buy a used Nikon F2 Photomic, which I had spied in many a camera shop window and still dream about today. You see, after an unfortunate fall the F2 was replaced by the lighter FM. While that body was a marvel of quality it had none of the romance of the F2.
    Long ago I went large format, and the 35mm bodies held less allure. (I haven’t cracked the back on the FM in a decade.)
    But holding the AE-1 again not long ago just brought it all back: I still remember the quiet snap of the electronic shutter and the cam-like positive wind action. It also brought back the days of the Argus and the F2 and the equipment window shopping on afternoons after high school let out. But oddly it was the Argus Cosina, which I saw up close just five years ago, that got me to whisper, “Rosebud….”

  • I’ve come across your blog by pure chance. it’s always a joy w/ a new sparkling film camera, isn’t it?
    all the best,

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