5 on 5: June

June was an interesting month for me when it comes to photography.  I have never taken so many pictures.  Sadly, many of them had to be destroyed and deleted.  I was a photographer for a camp for foster children this month. It was amazing and painful and beautiful all at once. All pictures that can […]

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the ugly side of grace

Grace is a miracle.  Poems have been written about its beauty.  Songs have been sung declaring its praise. Stories have been told explaining its power.  And in each of these, there is first something horribly wrong and ugly that is in need of grace’s gentle touch. Just over eight years ago, I had the worst […]

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5 on 5 january

I can’t believe January is gone.  I hope all of 2014 doesn’t go this quickly.   Here are my five favorites from January.  Some work, and some play.  Some digital, and some film.   Mamiya m645 | 80mm She was the youngest of a multi-family shoot Andy and I did.  I fell in love with […]

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