favorites change

When talking about what to share this month, Melissa and I decided on our favorite poem.   I was relieved to have an easier prompt since our post was due in the middle of so much holiday busyness.  However, it has been so hard to pick one single poem.  First, my favorite changes depending on my […]

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Home means something different for everyone. For some of us, home is a safe place where we were nurtured and loved and allowed to grow into ourselves with confidence and a fierce sense of self. For others, home was a scary place that needed to be avoided. There wasn’t a sense of safety or compassion. […]

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12 on 12: February

My family had a rough start to the year.  My husband’s beloved mother died.  While the family was together and we all were able to say our goodbyes, it was hard and painful and made us all pull in closer and hold onto each other. One way our family deals with hardships is long family […]

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