trust the slow work

My tree continues to grow buds.  Besides the one bloom, she has yet to cover herself in pink wonder just yet.  I am waiting, eagerly but patiently.  I know what is in store.  I know it will be glorious.  I know it will bring me great delight. As I wait, I think about the prayer […]

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5 on 5: december

And just like that, 2016 is gone.  For me, it was a long and difficult year that was plagued with sickness and injury and loss. I spent much of December grieving the year so that I could enter the new year in freedom and hope.  While I loved these five images in color, I felt […]

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Every year I ask God for a word to hold onto and to help guide my thoughts and my heart.  Each year, I am not entirely in love with the word that I am given.  However, by the end of the year, I see all that my one little word has taught me and revealed to me. […]

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life is hard

Does anyone else feel like the world has forgotten about each other? I suppose that inner lonely child can do that to people- she is so lonely and the thought of rejection one more time scares her so much that she pushes the whole world away.  Maybe, she even goes so far as to hate […]

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December: 10 on 10

This year has not been one of my favorites.  It definitely wasn’t the worst year, but might be bottom 10.  And at the very same time, so much wonderful has happened this year. I graduated my youngest daughter. After homeschooling all three of my girls over the last 20 years, I finished strong. I started […]

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5 on 5: Novemeber

I was only home for 14 days in November.   I am finally home for the rest of December and I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed.  While I missed my home terribly, I had some wonderful adventures. This month’s 5 on 5 is going to be a little different.  I had three […]

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November 10 on 10

I just got back from four days in beautiful June Lake. While I wait for my film to be developed, I have some photos from my iPhone.  And just in time for my trip, Mastin Labs released Filmborn, a photo editing app “designed to bridge the history of film photography with its digital future.” I had […]

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