finding gratefulness

We made a huge mistake with our bills this month that is leaving us very cash poor for the next two weeks.
I was out of coffee creamer and really really really don’t like black coffee.  I also can’t start my day without a cup of  the sweet java nectar.
In the first hour of the day, our cat caused more annoyance to our household than any 13 pound animal should be able.
I spent thirty minutes sewing a patch onto one of my favorite pairs of jeans, only for them to split open in the butt while loading the car.
Said car was parked on the street.  This means the neighborhood got a lovely view of my behind.
My neighborhood is also having a bad morning.

I went to Facebook in hopes to find a funny post that would help change my crappy attitude problem. Instead reality gave me a swift kick in the bare and larger than yesterday’s ass.  I was reminded that while funds will be tight, we will not starve.  I was reminded that I have friends that are amazing and true.  I was reminded that my kids are healthy and safe and that their biggest concern right now is the next exam coming up.  I was reminded that while my butt maybe larger than yesterday, I have a husband that loves it and me no matter the size.

I was reminded that we find what we look for.

Today, and for the month of November, I am searching for gratitude.  On some days, I will need to look high and low and on somedays it will slap me silly.  I am looking forward to both.

So on this craptastic morning, I am thankful for the searching…. and for the finding.

Staci Lee

I like my cameras old, my shoes comfortable, and my whiskey neat.


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