nineteen things for my nineteen year old

This beautiful soul is nineteen today, and I am so very thankful for her.  When she was born she was so small, but I knew I held someone that was meant for big things.  Now my sweet Dani~Sara is taller than me and is in fact, so very wonderful.  Here is a list of nineteen things I love about her.

1. When she smiles, she lights up the room.  Seriously. If the room is dark, she can lead the way with her smile.

2. She loves her family deeply and with great joy.

3.  She is only nineteen and her Bible is falling apart. Now that I type this, maybe we should have gotten her a new one for her birthday.  She reads it at least once everyday.

4.  We share the same favorite book of the bible, Philippians.

5.  She coined a famous family phrase, “What is happening to me!”  It is used all the time.

6.  She has a heart for the Middle East and wants to serve as a pediatrician there.

7.  She is currently taking Arabic in college and is acing it. I love watching her write such a beautiful language.

8. She loves to teach music to children.  When she comes home from teaching, she is so proud of her students.

9.   She is a beautiful woman.  It is hard to believe, but her soul is more beautiful.

10.  When Dani forgives you, she forgives you forever. It is like it never happened.

11.  She doesn’t forgive easily and true remorse is always a criteria.

12. She loves her friends with passion and grace.  I have watched her weep because her friend was sad.  It is a beautiful thing.

13.  She loves to do her hair, wear dresses, and matching accessories … but hates pink.  Really, don’t ever buy her anything with pink on it.

14.  She loves music and loves to play her guitar.  She can play for hours and hours.  She has four guitars and an ukulele.  I have a feeling she will be adding the mandolin soon.

15.  Her laugh is loud and strong.  It fills the room… and all the rooms surrounding the room she is in.

16. She is the most loyal person I know.

17.  She is always herself.  What you see is what you get.

18. When my children were small, I would tell them they were my favorite.  One day, when Dani was four, I whispered, “Dani, you are my favorite.” She got very sad and replied, “Mommies don’t have favorites.”  It was so sweet, I stopped my little joke.

19.  If you ask her today, she will say she is my favorite.

Staci Lee

I like my cameras old, my shoes comfortable, and my whiskey neat.


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