brave enough for the both of us

We had a family shoot this morning.  I love family shoots.  We have had a lot of holiday mini shoots lately.  I love them too… but they are not the same as the full family shoot.  I love spending an hour or more with a family. I love having time to get to know each child. I love seeing how the family loves each other.  All of that takes time.

But with that time, comes moments like these.  This adorable look is one his father can do.  They both can lift one eye brow just so.  He loves it and his father loves it.

When Andy and I decided to start a photography business this year, I never knew it was going to help me fall in love with people more.

I am grateful Andy was brave enough for both of us to say yes to this adventure. I am also thankful for Andy… but that is another day.

Staci Lee

I like my cameras old, my shoes comfortable, and my whiskey neat.

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