5 on 5 december

I was able to shoot a good amount of film in December.
Canon 1N | Kodak Portra
Yashica LM | Kodak Portra
We also did a youth retreat up in the mountains. I was able to shoot in the snow.  Living in Southern California, this is something that never really happens.  While it was quite a work out to carry Lucy, my Mamiya 645, in the snow, it was worth it when I got the film back.  Here are three of my favorite snow photos, one digital, one from my Mamiya and one from my Canon 1N.
Canon 5D
Mamiya 645 | Fuji Reala
Canon 1N | Portra 400

There are some amazing photographers I get to do this project with.  Start with Second Spring and then roll through the rest of the circle.


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