favorites change

When talking about what to share this month, Melissa and I decided on our favorite poem.   I was relieved to have an easier prompt since our post was due in the middle of so much holiday busyness.  However, it has been so hard to pick one single poem.  First, my favorite changes depending on my […]

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practicing for the painful days

As our seasons continue to change, autumn slowly begins to welcome winter and our days get darker, my soul is reminded once again how much growth happens in the dark. Most of us know that dark times eventually bring growth, hope, and gratitude. Usually, these lessons come when the light begins to shine on our […]

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In every real man, a child is hidden that wants to play. ~Friedrich Nietzsche A few months ago, I met a talented and thoughtful woman on Instagram. We seemed to love the same things and were drawn to each other’s work. Melissa, being the braver of the two, reached out to me, and we started […]

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New York in Polaroids

My darling husband had a business trip to New York, so I decided to stowaway with him.  While he was at meetings, I adventured around New York and met with some friends I have only known online.  I took my Polaroid OneStep 2 along with me.  I had so much fun capturing this beautiful city with […]

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12ish on 12: March

April is very full of very good things. On the first week of April, I received my certificate in Spiritual Direction. On the second week of April, we are having a bridal shower for my oldest daughter, here at our home. On the third week of April, my oldest daughter is getting married. On the fourth week […]

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12 on 12: one day

For the last six years, a group of women photographers and myself have shared our five favorite photos from the previous month on the fifth of the month. We called our project “5 on 5”.   We loved the project, but this year wanted to try something new.  This year we will be posting 12 images on […]

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This month, the ladies and I decided to look for yellow.  I was sure I would find some yellow in my own yard. Sometimes it was obvious. Sometimes I had to really look close. Sometimes it was under my feet. Others it was hiding behind some green. But my favorite was when I found it […]

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