powerful crumbs

I am enjoying going through the book of Mark. The translation of my blog is “crumbs form the table” and it is a reference to a story in today’s reading.

Mark 7

Questions for Jesus:

Did you know you were going to change your mind when the Greek woman came to you? Did you know what she was going to say?

Also, does it break your heart to see so many Christians following law after law, and all the while holding hate in their hearts for others?  Are you as angry with them as you are with the Pharisees here?

What disturbs me about Jesus:

While I know her faith changes His mind, I breaks my heart that Jesus first says no to the Greek mother.  I wonder how much fear she must have had when her daughter was sick in bed. I can’t imagine how much work it must have been to go and find Jesus.  I am impressed with the courage she had leaving her daughter in hopes to find help.  And then to get to Jesus, and for him to say no, must have been so discouraging.

What delights me about Jesus:

He knows the word and quotes it often.  I love when he doesn’t just quote the word, but paraphrases it for what He is teaching.

The other thing that delights me here is that the Law isn’t what is important, it is the heart behind it. How one looks to be on the outside isn’t important to Jesus.  You can know the Bible from cover to cover, but you don’t live with love for God and your neighbors, it is meaningless.

Also, I love that the Greek woman’s faith and that her argument changed His mind.  I love that you can argue with Christ. I love that He listens.  I love that one small crumb from His table can heal a little girl from far off.  Those are some powerful crumbs.

*Please visit my friend’s blog for more on this journey.  Her insights are beautiful.

Staci Lee

I like my cameras old, my shoes comfortable, and my whiskey neat.

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  • What I especially love about you is our shared faith, our sisterhood in Christ. I agree with you and with Jesus with my whole heart. It's simple all he wants of us is to love others, be content and give when we have extra, like if I have two shirts I can give one….you know that sort of thing. Yet so many Christians I know get caught up in the law and that usually turns to judgement and I have a hard time with that. I appreciate this post. Love your friend Tracie

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