the hours

This last year I have had the honor of participating in a collaborative blog called The Hours.  The concept was simple.  Each photographer would submit one photo taken at the same hour each month.  We started with 7 am in January and went through he hours of the day as the months passed.  It was wonderful to watch women and families wake up all over the world.  With each new month, the hour changed and the mood of the blog changed with it.  Each photographer brought a piece of her life to the project.

Here are my selections from The Hours.

January, 7am
February, 8am
March, 9am
April, 10am
May, 11am
June, 12pm
July, 1pm
August, 2pm
September, 3pm
October, 4pm
November, 5pm
December, 6pm


I have loved this project and am excited to do it again in 2015.

7 thoughts on “the hours

  1. Seeing them all like this, breathtaking. I am loving these recaps. It was awesome to see everyone’s mixed together on the site, but seeing an individual year like this is equally wonderful!

  2. I loved seeing these all in one spot. I also remember the story about your November shot. As much as I love seeing the images, I love hearing/reading about the stories behind them. That’s why after hours was my favorite part. And all your images were film, correct? Which makes it all the more magical.

Thank you for your kind words.

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