I love road trips.  We plan our route, make our playlist, and pack snacks.  While we usually have a final destination, most of the memorable events happen because we got lost or got ourselves in a bit of trouble.


My life for the last 22 years has been like one wonderful, horrible, crazy, fantastic, scary road trip.  I knew what I wanted.  I had three beautiful daughters and I wanted to raise them the very best I could.  Each day I wanted to be a better woman and mother than I was the day before.  And when it came to school, I wanted them home with me.  Not because I had some fundamental teaching method or because I hated the public school system.  I simply adored my children and loved watching them learn.  I didn’t want to miss a thing.  So year after year, I would plan school for my girls.  A few years ago, I graduated my oldest and she went off to college.  Then I graduated my middle girl.  This year is the last year I will teach my sweet baby girl. Next year, she too will go off to college and begin her adult life.

I feel so very proud.  I am not going to lie. It was a lot of work.  In many ways, I can’t believe I did it.  I often joke that they turned out to be great women in spite of me.  And while that isn’t entirely true, there are places in my heart that believes that.  My girls are amazing women.  Far better women than I could have ever imagined raising.  My big, long journey went much better than I could have ever planned.


But now what?  I feel like I don’t know what is next.  I feel like I went on this adventure of a lifetime and nothing will ever be able to compare.  What could ever be better than watching three little girls turn into funny, smart, talented women that I love to hang out with?  What adventure can top that?  And to make matters worse, I haven’t a journey planned.

So here I am without a map or a destination but the heartfelt desire for an adventure.  I feel like I was on a road trip through California.  I had all the maps, the perfect playlist, and fantastic snacks.  I took pictures, made memories, and saw all the important sights.    And now, suddenly, I am at the Oregan – California border.  California has been amazing.  But more than that, I don’t have a map for Oregon.  I don’t’ know what to see.  I don’t know where to eat.   I have the slightest idea and where to go or what to do.



While processing this with my Spiritual Director, she said something I can’t forget.  She suggested that maybe I don’t’ need a map.  Maybe everything I have learned up to this point has taught me everything I will need for my next big adventure.  Could that be true?  I hope so.  Because you know what, I am ready.  I am going to blast my favorite playlist and move forward in the direction my heart is going to take me.  Am I afraid? You bet. But I am excited for every wonderful, horrible, crazy, fantastic, scary turn.  Yes, I am ready for my next adventure.


I am doing this blogroll with some amazing women. Start with Cissy’s blog and then click on through.

* All photos were taken with my iPhone on the last road trip I went on up the west coast through California, Oregon, and Washington.


  • You should be proud! And I love that though you are partly afraid of what the next adventure may bring, it’s not stopping you from walking forward.

  • I love this. Our blogs are a little similar this week! 🙂 lol You have done an AMAZING job and I am so excited to see where God takes you on this next part of your adventure. I’ll be here on the ropes with you. xx

  • I love this. Even with a map and plan, adventures take us off reading. 🙂 I’m excited for you!!

  • Staci, how can you get these photos on an i-phone? Amazing! I love the analogy of the road trip to personify adventure. And, I would like a map too. Where do you suppose we could get one?

    You are headed toward your next adventure. I can’t imagine you doing it any other way!

  • I love this, and I love watching and learning from you, and your zest for living. Reading this I am reminded that sometimes the best adventures are the ones we didn’t plan. Can’t wait to see what your next one will be.

  • My favorite is the cop car in the side mirror. You mention your adventure raising your kids, but I think being married to Andy will be an adventure that will continue long past Sammy’s graduation!!!! You should be proud. Your girls are fantastic….and I have no doubt that this next season will be full to bursting!!!

  • Ah yes, traveling without a map! Thanks for the reminder. As much as I know that to be true, so often I go looking for an external source. But the Spirit speaks within. May we continue to deepen that connection as we venture into new territories.

  • This is so good Staci, I never came by to read this and I thought since you invited me I should read through all the ladies first posts and get to know them, see what adventure means to them. This is so heart felt and well written.

  • Thank you for sharing this. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) we are not given a map of our life. Instead we are given guidance that feels more like GPS (including the “recalculating” option! 😉 I read this from Laurie Short’s book “Finding Faith in the Dark” and it made me think back to this post, so I’m leaving it here for you. “We don’t get knowledge about our future; we are just presented with our next step. And sometimes even that information can be a little foggy. There might be two ways to go, and both look like good options. Neither way is wrong, but you are bothered by the fact that one may be “more right” So you pray. You read the Bible. You get input form a trusted friend. And still you don’t feel clear on what to do. But the time comes when you have to decide, so you make your turn. The good news is that God goes with you. In these instances, God seems to be less concerned about which road you take than about how you live.” I really love the way you live. ❤

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