10 on 10: October

My school is up in San Jose.  While it is a long drive, I am fortunate to have a group friends that want to drive up and visit the city and the cities surrounding San Jose with me.  I am also super lucky that San Fransisco, on of the most historical and hipster cities in California, is only an hour away from San Jose.

I loved tromping around one of my favorite cities with some of my favorite people.  Here is my day in San Francisco in black and white.


You know we had to stop into the Buana Vista for a few Irish Coffees… or some caffeine with some sugar and whiskey.



After a few drinks, we got out our cameras and went on an adventure.



My crew… they are amazing.


Seriously, any town that allows puppies in bars has to be a place you stop in often, right?


I can’t wait to get back.  Maybe next time I will share my journey in color.


I am telling a story in ten photographs with some wonderful photographers. Click on to  Megan’s blog and see her story then click on through to other stories told in ten photographs.


Staci Lee

I like my cameras old, my shoes comfortable, and my whiskey neat.


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