simple prayers

At the beginning and end of my personal prayer time, my time with directees, and when I am facilitating group spiritual direction, I pray the same two prayers.  I am sure I have posted them on my blog before, but they seem to be just the prayers my heart is needing these days.  They are simple, but hold so much truth and hope for me.

Mamiya 645 | Iceland

In this moment, O God
We turn to you.
May the ebb and flow
of our thinking
settle into stillness.
May each burden we carry
be released into your love.
May the cycles of our breathing
restore a spaciousness within.
May we listen gently enough
to touch the hem of your presence.

Mamiya 645 | Iceland

As my soul grows quiet
I return to that astounding truth
that at the heart of my being
I am eternally loved…

Mamiya 645 | Iceland

May we all have moments today that we settle into a stillness, release our burdens, and be reminded that we are all eternally loved.  And, maybe more importantly, may we create peace for those around us, hold each other’s burdens, and treat each other as if each of us is eternally loved.




  • Ministered to my spirit. Where did you find these prayers if I may ask…And may I borrow for myself and those I sit with?
    Jayne Covell

    • Yes! Please use them. Sadly, I do not know who wrote these beautiful prayers. I got them while I was at school this year for spiritual direction.

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