We decided to change our normal 5 on 5 blogroll this month. While we usually look back and find our five favorite images, we decided to find red in the month of October.    I went through my Iceland film images and found little pops of red.

Mamiya 645 | Iceland

Mamiya 645 | Iceland

Mamiya 645 | Iceland

Mamiya 645 | Iceland

Mamiya 645 | Iceland

Mamiya 645 | Iceland

Mamiya 645 | Iceland

It was an interesting practice to back and look for one color.  I wonder what would come up if I looked for others colors within my images I have taken throughout the past year.

Have a look at Vanessa’s blog for more pops of red.


hope quote

Thomas Merton has a hope quote that I love.  I could remember part of it, but not the whole quote. It was driving me crazy.  I knew it was in No Man Is an Island, but I could not remember where.

I searched the Hope chapter again and again, without any luck.  I gave up and knew it would find me when I needed it.  Then, this morning on my walk, while listening to the chapter on Mercy, I heard the quote.  I giggled.  Mercy is such a gift of hope, isn’t it?

Thomas Merton, No Man Is an Island, Mercy 1

We learn to know Him, now, not in the “presence” that is found in abstract consideration-a presence in which we dress Him in our own finery-but in the emptiness of a hope that may come close to despair.  For perfect hope is achieved on the brink of despair when, instead of falling over the edge,  we find ourselves walking on the air.  Hope is always just about to turn into despair, but never does so, for at the moment of supreme crisis God’s power is suddenly made perfect in our infirmity. So we learn to expect His mercy most calmy when all is most dangerous, to seek Him quietly in the face of peril, certain that He cannot fail us though we may be upbraided by the just and reject by thoughts to claim to hold the evidence of His love.

I keep reading this sentence again and again-

For perfect hope is achieved on the brink of despair when, instead of falling over the edge,  we find ourselves walking on the air.

So, to all of us that find ourselves on the brink of despair, may we keep moving forward on our path, knowing we will find ourselves walking on air.




simple prayers

At the beginning and end of my personal prayer time, my time with directees, and when I am facilitating group spiritual direction, I pray the same two prayers.  I am sure I have posted them on my blog before, but they seem to be just the prayers my heart is needing these days.  They are simple, but hold so much truth and hope for me.

Mamiya 645 | Iceland

In this moment, O God
We turn to you.
May the ebb and flow
of our thinking
settle into stillness.
May each burden we carry
be released into your love.
May the cycles of our breathing
restore a spaciousness within.
May we listen gently enough
to touch the hem of your presence.

Mamiya 645 | Iceland

As my soul grows quiet
I return to that astounding truth
that at the heart of my being
I am eternally loved…

Mamiya 645 | Iceland

May we all have moments today that we settle into a stillness, release our burdens, and be reminded that we are all eternally loved.  And, maybe more importantly, may we create peace for those around us, hold each other’s burdens, and treat each other as if each of us is eternally loved.



gift of freedom

Walter Brueggemann is an incredible theologian and writer.  My teacher gave me this poem last weekend and I keep going back to it. May it bless you as it has blessed me.

We would as soon you were stable and reliable.
We would as soon you were predictable
and always the same toward us.

We would like to take the hammer of doctrine
and take the nails of piety
and nail your feet to the floor
and have you stay in one place.

And then we find you moving,
always surprising us,
always coming at us from new directions.

Always planting us
and uprooting us
and tearing all things down
and making all things new.

You are not the God we would have chosen
had we done the choosing,
but we are your people
and you have chosen us in freedom.

We pray for the great gift of freedom
that we may be free toward you
as you are in your world. Amen

I continue to ask myself-

How do I nail God down? How do I ask for reliability over freedom?  How is God uprooting me? What is She wanting to plant?

What are some questions that this poem prompts you to ask?

10 0n 10: April

My oldest daughter, Kyle, is a very busy girl.  She is in her last year of college. She works as an art teacher.  She has an active social life.  While I don’t see her often during the day, she is my morning workout partner.  Every once in a while, she has a few hours during the day and we get a date together.




She has always been my shy girl and at the very same time, she is very brave.  She loves doing the hard thing… the impossible thing.



She has her mother’s love for food.  All food.  She especially loves ice cream. There is a new ice cream shop in town. It serves ice cream in donuts.  I think she goes there two times a week!





It has been such a pleasure and honor to be her mama.  And as we slowly transition from a mother/child relationship to a mother/grown woman relationship, I am enjoying the friendship that is blooming.  I feel like I not only raised a strong, courageous young woman but a wonderful friend.



All photos were taken with my Mamiya 645 on Ilford XP2 film.


I am telling stories in ten images with a lovely group of photographers.  Hop on over to Maite Pon’s blog for her 10 on 10 then journey through the rest of the stories.

Ilford XP2

I shot a roll of Ilford XP2 for a blog post over at the Viewfinders.  I am in love with this film! I plan on shooting much more of it.  I don’t shoot black and white very often. The film shop I take my film to be developed takes 24 hours for color and a week for black and white. While I realize the humor in me saying I am not patient for the film to be developed, sometimes I can’t stand waiting the whole week. However, the Ilford XP-2 is developed in C4 1 type processing, which means it is developed with the color film. This means I can get black and white film in 24 hours without waiting the week.

I love all the grays this film produces.  It has a great contrast in low light without much grain.


Do you have a favorite film?  Please share it with me.  I would like to discover some more new films to shoot.

pink spring blooms

I love Fuji Reala.  The film captures reds and purples with perfect vibrancy.  I was so sad when I heard it was being discontinued.  I quickly bought more rolls, but I am coming to the end of my stock pile.

I took several pictures of this lovely tree in bloom for my 10am post over at The Hours.   Here are all of them in one place.  They are all taken with Lucy, my Mamiya 645, loaded with Fuji Reala.