10 on 10: January

What is a 10 on 10?  For me, it is ten photographs taken on one day and posted on the tenth.  It really is that simple.   This year I am doing this project with a great group of photographers.  We will posting on the tenth of each month and link our blogs together to create a blog roll.  My goals with this project are to get better at telling stories, start to shot more with my digital camera, and capture more of my real life for the year.

Here in Southern California, we don’t get much rain.  And if it does rain, it only lasts an hour or two at a time.  This week we had a lot of rain and it lasted for days.  Because it doesn’t happen often, I loved the day filled with slowness and melancholy.  And naps… lots and lots of naps.










For more 10 on 10’s, please continue onto Jennifer’s blog and then click on through the blog roll.

27 Comments Add yours

  1. A beautiful start to a new project. Love these quiet, cosy images. Happy 2016!

    1. Staci Lee says:

      Thank you. Happy 2016.

  2. Amy Bader says:

    Love your choice to go with b&w for this Staci. Totally suits the mood. The rain in the birdbath is a favorite.

    1. Staci Lee says:

      Thank you. x

  3. so much love for this….when I grow up I want to tell stories with pictures like you do. 😉 I love the monochromatic edit for this story..perfect rainy day mood. And I love nacho kitty.

    1. Staci Lee says:

      Thank you! He is a looker, isn’t he. x

  4. audreyamaro says:

    Ooooh the moody feeling in the black and white makes me want to curl up with a hot mug and and a blanket. Gorgeous.

    1. Staci Lee says:

      Thank you, sweet friend.

  5. Lisa Epp says:

    Love that you kept the mood in BW. 🙂

    1. Staci Lee says:

      Thank you.

  6. debsaidit says:

    oh my goodness…all the soft, gentle moments of your delicious day !! xo

    1. Staci Lee says:

      Thank you! It was a great day! xx

  7. Alison says:

    Gorgeous – and that bird bath shot?? You’ve got to be kidding me. Love, love.

    1. Staci Lee says:

      Oh my goodness! I almost didn’t add that shot. Thank you for that. xx

  8. Look at all the magic you captured! Yes, big love on the b&w choice.

    1. Staci Lee says:

      Thank you!

  9. Hooray for new projects! I love every one of these… the moodiness is so perfect with your choice of b&w. Can’t wait to follow this journey. ~ Michele

    1. Staci Lee says:

      Thank you!

  10. erin says:

    fantastic. cozy, beautifuly grainy, warm …. so much depth and the essence of a seldom seen rain portrayed so wonderfully. x

    1. Staci Lee says:

      Thank you, Erin. You are such a great encourager.

  11. kim says:

    Oh, the gorgeousness of black and white and the “slowness and melancholy” of rainy days. Just so lovely.

    1. Staci Lee says:

      Thank you.

  12. Meg says:

    Just beautiful, friend. The low light really adds to the feel of this story. I can hear the rain through these images.

    1. Staci Lee says:

      Thank you!

  13. Susan says:

    Full of wonderful mood, Staci. Love all your black and whites!

  14. sam says:

    ahhhhh if only our rainy days could make me smile like yours does….. i love the sweet kitty (and human) feet. 🙂

    1. Staci Lee says:

      Thank you. Nacho does rainy days best.

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