out of the darkness

      This is my precious tulip bulb coming out of the cold ground and welcoming spring.   Just her two little stems make my heart skip a beat.  My sweet friend gave me this bulb.     On Christmas Eve my friend and her family discovered that their mother has cancer.  While she […]

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the traveling companion

I was feeling the burden of life, so I headed to a local monastery for some time of quiet.  I noticed the light, and it warmed me.  I noticed the life around me and it gave me hope.  However, I still felt I was walking around with twenty suitcases of crap; one filled with shame, […]

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its all a blur

its all a blur, a photo by ~Staci Lee~ on Flickr. I can’t put my finger on it, but I like something about this. I think it speaks to me about what my life looks like right now. So many of my friends are hurting. My heart breaks for them. I know it is part […]

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thankful for homeschooling

This month I am doing a thankful project.  When I began this project, I knew that one blessing that I  would have to list would be homeschooling.  As I was making my list of why I am so thankful for homeschooling, I started to realize that I am not only thankful for the experience of […]

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40 things

Hasselblad polaroid, taken yesterday by my hubby I turn 40 today. I know I am not done learning, growing, and living.  However, I wanted to make a list for my daughters of what I have learned from these 40 long years. For Kyle Elizabeth, Dani Sara, and Sammy Joy… this is what Mommy’s life has […]

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ignoring shame

piling up {film} The flu knocked me out for over a week.  I wasn’t able to get out of bed for days.  It was horrible.  When I finally rolled out of bed, I think I expected to find my house in disarray.  Instead, it was clean and tidy.  The kids had kept up with school. […]

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