change of address

Welcome to my new blog address.

Thank you for following me over at briciole dalla tavola.  I have been blown away by the support.  I will be posting here at a life developing from now on.

For those of you that do not like change, here is a pretty picture of some blossoms to make it easier.


Staci Lee

I like my cameras old, my shoes comfortable, and my whiskey neat.


  • hi!! i’ll follow you here, and not just for blossoms. this looks fresh and new and exciting!! x

  • I happen to like change! I’m thinking of paying for my domain soon and I think that may mean….I need to change. I ran out of space on my photo uploads yesterday:( It would be nice to have more control too, if I were to decide to go the route of paying for my site?? Thinking on it. I like the new name!!

  • This rocks. I will follow you wherever you post. I love the double meaning of your Blog!!! Awesome!

  • Looking forward to all of the new developments❤️I would follow you here, there and everywhere.

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