pink spring blooms

I love Fuji Reala.  The film captures reds and purples with perfect vibrancy.  I was so sad when I heard it was being discontinued.  I quickly bought more rolls, but I am coming to the end of my stock pile.

I took several pictures of this lovely tree in bloom for my 10am post over at The Hours.   Here are all of them in one place.  They are all taken with Lucy, my Mamiya 645, loaded with Fuji Reala.














  1. dani · April 11, 2014

    these are such beautiful pictures!

    • Staci Lee · April 11, 2014

      thank you, sweet Dani

  2. Susan · April 12, 2014

    Just beautifulness all over the place!

    • Staci Lee · April 12, 2014

      thank you

  3. nutmeg69 · April 13, 2014

    I can’t believe the colors here. just wow. I am sorry this film is being discontinued…you sure make magic with it.

    • Staci Lee · April 13, 2014

      Me too. I have some other fuji film I am going to try soon.

  4. soonie2 · April 14, 2014

    Ahh, glorious!

    • Staci Lee · April 14, 2014

      thank you!

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