one last day

For the last year, my family and I have taken care of Clayton.  We have fallen in love with him.  He is off to pre-school, so our time with him is done.  We will still be his back up babysitters, but we will no longer have him on a regular basis.

Bye-bye, buddy.  We sure will miss you.

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Staci Lee

I like my cameras old, my shoes comfortable, and my whiskey neat.


  • This has been a blessing to you both. In his absence you will have such beautiful memories to reflect on. Don’t you find that the family members that you choose for yourself provide some of the most rewarding experiences?

    You are awesome, my friend. xo t.

  • oh my heck!!! These are simply amazing. There is a delight in him that I think you bring out….what a gift these photos are. Sigh.

  • What a treasure, these past months. Your joy in spending time with him is so palpable. Thinking of you! xoxo

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