holding what I need

This year my friend Megan and I started a weekly blog titled An Ordinary Grace.   We are documenting as we search for love between the bullshit and the divine.  And while life can bring a lot of bullshit, it is also filled with the divine.  I am noting that I seem to be capturing hands holding things as I photograph this project.  I was curious about this pattern. Deep down, I think it is more powerful than I expected.  As I search and journey through this life, much depends on what I pick up and what I put down.  We each get to decide what we hold and what we decide to leave behind, don’t we?

I choose to hold quiet.


I choose to hold peace.


I choose to hold knowledge.


I choose to hold growth.

bloom copy

I choose to hold new life.


I choose to hold deliciousness.

I choose to hold my own view.

And the view I see through my spiritual companions.

week9 copy

I choose to let go.


After seeing these all together, it is no surprise that this is my favorite picture of me, taken by my lovely husband.  I love how he sees me.  I feel so calm and so alive all at once while I hold my camera and allow it to help me focus on my view.  I hold it with great joy and appreciation.



What are some things you are holding?  Are they things that bring good things to your heart, or are they things you should think about letting go of?


Staci Lee

I like my cameras old, my shoes comfortable, and my whiskey neat.


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