12 on 12: one day

For the last six years, a group of women photographers and myself have shared our five favorite photos from the previous month on the fifth of the month. We called our project “5 on 5”.   We loved the project, but this year wanted to try something new.  This year we will be posting 12 images on the 12th of the month.  I am choosing to take a photo an hour from 7am to 7pm.

My day started quite normally.  I woke up and made myself a  cup of coffee.

After enjoying my cup of coffee and doing my morning chores, I usually sit down with my practice.  Right now I am going through the Spiritual Disciplines.

Because she was still on Christmas break, Kyle and I were able to go on our walk together.  I love this time with her and I have missed it since she started working as a teacher.

I had a big party for my friend the next day, so I went to the grocery store for a few items that I needed.

We were going to be out on an adventure before the party, so I had to make dinner beforehand.  This big blue pot is our camping or party pot.  I can make four batches of soup in one pot.  I love it.

Laundry.  Let’s be honest… this happens every day.

Birthday cake for the birthday girl.

By the afternoon I was tired.  I sat for a bit and read while Sam played one of her new video games.

Then I set myself to make dinner for the family. I usually listen to a book or podcast while cooking.  On this day, I was listening to Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson.  It was a fantastic book.

Dani and her friend started a sewing project.

It went well into the evening.

After my long day, I took a shower and went to bed.  Good night!

I am doing this project with some amazing photographers.  Hop on over to Vanessa’s blog to see what her day looked like.


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